Spring Break Madness!!


Spring break is almost here! Sun, Fun, and Goodtimes are about to be the daily motive! If you’re looking for some fun games to play with your friends, don’t waste your hard-earned money on expensive card games. All you need to pack is some Goodtime’s Cups and we’ve got you covered!


Bring. On. The. Pong. This classic game is a classic for a reason. Not only is it fun, but it brings people together and makes for a fun competition! Plus, you can play it on the beach! All you need is 22 Red / Blue Plastic Party Cups (470ml), a ping pong ball, and a winning attitude!

How to Play

Each team has two players. Cups must be set up in a diamond shape. Players must throw their pong ball across the table, trying to land in the opposite team’s cups. When a ball lands in a cup, the cup must be taken off the table. The first team to sink a ball in all their opponents’ cups wins.


There are many different rules to Pong. It all depends on how everyone that is playing wants to play. One of our typical rules is that if you bounce the ball before it lands in a cup, the opposite team has a chance to hit the cup off of the table.


To make things even easier, Goodtimes actually carries a Goodtimes Pong Kit that includes all the necessary items to play!

Flip Cup

Flip it, land it, and win. This simple game can provide you and your friends with hours of entertainment.

How to Play

Line up a row of cups along the edge of a table, on both sides. Each player will stand behind a cup and fill it half way with a beverage of their choice. When the game begins, the first person on each team will drink their drink and then place their cup on the table, bottom down. They will then have to use their fingers to flip the cup. The goal is to have the cup land upside down on the table. Once this happens, the next player can begin the same process. The first team to have every player flip their cup correctly wins!


The teammate beside you MUST finish their drink and flip their cup correctly before you can begin. You must only use one hand to flip the cup. If there are uneven teams, the team with less players must choose a player to flip their cup twice.


Use different coloured Goodtimes cups for each team so that you can tell which cup belongs to which team!

Spring break is always fun, but make sure that it is a good time this year with help from us. Visit your local store to grab your Goodtimes gear and have a safe and fun Spring Break!


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