How to Labour Day Weekend like a Boss


Labour Day long weekend is a holiday that is filled with contradicting emotions. We want to celebrate in the warmth and spend time with our families, but it is also the last long weekend of the summer and with that comes a sense of loss and sadness. So, how do you shake off the blues and embrace the soon to fall leaves as they are still a vibrant green? You live up the long weekend like a boss with help from Goodtimes!!

  1. Plan Ahead

We can’t stress this enough! Having yourself organized means that you can sit back and relax with your guests instead of running errands and missing out on the fun! Create a shopping list that includes cutlery, plates, cups, and all the food you can possibly eat, then hit the store to stock up! Goodtimes offers various options of disposable tableware so it’s easy to check those items off your list.

  1. Avoid the Mess

What’s worse than constantly asking your guests to move their cups and plates while you wipe down a dirty table? We can’t think of anything! Avoid the awkward cleaning sprees by purchasing a Goodtimes tablecloth! Our tablecloths will keep your table clean and make your backyard party look festive with our variety of colours and patterns!

  1. Skip the Dishes

Don’t let the fear of a sink filled with dirty dishes deter you from hosting a Labour Day long weekend backyard bash! Stock up on Goodtimes paper plates, cups, and cutlery to skip the dishes and go straight to partying with your friends and loved ones!

  1. Get Everyone Grooving

Nothing is worse than holding a party where no one is having fun. We suggest cranking up the tunes, setting up some games, and getting everyone to laugh and enjoy the fleeting summer weather!

Get ready for the Labour Day long weekend with help from Goodtimes! Our quality products will help you say goodbye to summer in style – without the dishes and clean up afterwards! Visit our website for a complete list of our products or visit your local retailer to grab yours today.







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