How to Host the Perfect Summer Party With Goodtimes


Summer Fun

Summer has finally arrived! With the warm air and summer sun comes the backyard parties and bonfires. From family get togethers to birthday parties, there’s plenty of reasons to host a summer party this year. But what about all the dirty dishes and mess that are left after everyone leaves? No need to worry! Goodtimes is here with the perfect summer party guide that skips the mess.


Want to find a way to get everyone at your party in good spirits? Nothing says fun like a game of Goodtimes Pong. When playing pong at your summer party, just skip the normal sticky liquids and fill the cups with water. The game is still fun and when you’re done, you can just dump the water in the garden, pack up the cups, hose off the table, and enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.


Tired of washing extra plates that held the burgers and hot dogs when they came off the BBQ? When you use Goodtimes Plates you don’t have to worry about filling your sink with dirty dishes. Instead you can spend more time enjoying the summer weather with your guests.


Tired of the kids always misplacing their cups and getting new ones? With Goodtimes Etch-It Cups you can write your name on the cup and customize it they way you want. This is not only fun for the kids, but also means less mess and less waste at the end of the party!

Party Cups

Throwing a party? Worried about your guests breaking a cup? You won’t have to worry about broken glasses with our Goodtimes 2oz Mini Party Cups. These party cups mean less mess, clean up, and no broken glass to sweep up in the morning. WIN-WIN-WIN.

A summer party isn’t a summer party without Goodtimes! If you’re planning to host a party, make sure to utilize some of our tips to make it even better. Make sure to visit us online to find the perfect Goodtimes gear to turn your party into an epic event!


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