How to Host the Perfect Backyard Party


Warmer weather is finally upon us! With the sunshine comes the reuniting of friends and the beginning of backyard hangouts, barbeques, and parties! If you’re planning to host a party in your backyard, here are some tips from the party people at Goodtimes Brand!

Chairs! Chairs! Chairs!

When you’re hosting a party, you can NEVER have too many chairs. Sometimes guests bring unexpected plus ones, or even twos, so it is important to have extra seats on standby. Your guests won’t want to stand the entire party and if they can’t take a load off, they may choose to leave your party early

Shade and Sunscreen

Not everyone loves to bask in the sun. For some, basking is more like baking which isn’t any fun! Save your guests from becoming lobsters and regretting attending your party by supplying plenty of shade and sunscreen. We promise that your guests will have a better time and be begging you to host another backyard party!

Food Prep

Food is an important part, if not the most important part, of any perfect backyard party. From cold apps to freshly grilled mains on the BBQ, the food really matters. Make sure that you have enough food for all your guests and extra for those guests that you didn’t know were coming! We also suggest making some vegan and vegetarian options, as well as asking your guests about any allergies or dietary restrictions when they RSVP. This way there’s only happy bellys at your backyard party.

Dishes and Cutlery

Don’t be the host that worries about the dishes before their guests have even finished their dessert. Stock up on Goodtimes Cups, Plates, and Cutlery before your event. This way you will have more time to spend having fun with your guests and spend less time hunched over a mountain of dirty dishes.


There are plenty of ways to keep your guests entertained! Sometimes guests may just spark conversations that will last the entire affair, but as a good host it is important to ensure that you have some other types of entertainment just in case there’s a lull! Create some playlists, set up some games, and break out the #throwback albums! We promise your guests will thank you!

If you’re planning on hosting the perfect backyard party, just follow our guide and you’ll have a good time!



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