How To Host the Best Canada Day Party EVER


Every year, we have the opportunity on July 1st to celebrate the birth of our beautiful and glorious country. Some celebrate by wearing red and white, while others celebrate with BBQs and fireworks. If you choose to celebrate the day by hosting a backyard party, don’t forget to stock up on Goodtimes. Here are some tips on which Goodtimes products you should have to ensure that your Canada Day party is the best on the block!

Classic Goodtimes Red Cups

What is better than a classic? Our Classic Goodtimes Red Cups are the perfect addition to your party. They will help eliminate mess and can be easily drawn on our labeled for less forgotten and wasted drinks! Plus, the outside is red and the inside is white. We don’t want to call it fate but… everything happens for a reason.

Paper Goodtimes Plates

Don’t want to do dishes when you guests leave? Tired of broken plates ruining your collection? There is finally a solution. Meet the Paper Goodtimes Plates. These plates are disposable, which means no dirty dishes filling your sink or broken plates all over your patio! Plus, we have many different styles and thicknesses to choose from – there’s even type that can hold a big, juicy burger!

Mini 2oz Goodtimes Cups

Already purchased your Classic Goodtimes Red Cups for the party? Then all you need is their mini version, the Mini 2oz Goodtimes Cups! They are small, cute, and a great addition to your party. They’re available in several colours, but who are we kidding – it’s Canada Day – red and white all the way!!!

Goodtimes Cutlery

Continue on with the red and white Canada Day theme by including Goodtimes Cutlery at your event. Whether you place them on a table or stack them in a Classic Goodtimes Red Cup, the white cutlery will add an extra element to your event!

If you’re looking to host a Canada Day party that everyone will remember, don’t forget to stock up on the Goodtimes (and the burgers). We promise that your guests will be impressed and you won’t miss the fireworks while you’re busy doing dishes. Happy Canada Day from the Goodtimes family!

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