How to: Host a Goodtimes Holiday Party


The Holiday season is upon us! That means it’s time for treats, ugly sweaters, eggnog, and of course, holiday parties! Whether you’re hosting a party, or attending a holiday bash, Goodtimes can help you create the perfect holiday drink or dish! Plus, when you team up with Goodtimes this holiday season, you won’t have to worry about breaking or forgetting your favourite dish! From plates to forks, we’ve got you covered. 


Hot Apple Cider

Looking for a beverage that screams happy holidays? Nothing tastes more like a festive party than a hot cup of apple cider! You can serve them in a Goodtimes Hot Cup to save your mugs and also keep your guests hands happy and safe! The best part? This delicious drink can be served to those who prefer alcoholic beverages, or not. Regardless of their choice, it’s absolutely delicious!


Snowman Snacks

Want your snacks to be as festive as your mood? Why not create some marshmallow snowman snacks for your guests! All you need is a pack of large marshmallows, some icing sugar, and a Goodtimes Straw to hold it all together. Just slide the marshmallows over the straw, draw on some buttons, and create a three tier snowman that everyone will enjoy!



Want to stay away from the food and drinks? Why not create some holiday decorations with help from Goodtimes?! You can add some cotton balls and other decorations to our Goodtimes Red Classic Party Cups to create little Santa cups! We’re sure your guests will love them! Have children attending the party? Why not set up a craft station where they can decorate and create their own holiday cup with help from Goodtimes!


The team at Goodtimes is always ready to help you rock your holiday party! From food ideas to decorations, we’ve got everything you need to have a jingle bell rock! Visit us online today to browse our collection of products.


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