Halloween Fun with Goodtimes Cups!


Are you hosting a Halloween party? Are you looking for a way to make your party stand out? Wow your guests with these easy Halloween Cup decoration ideas from Goodtimes!


Spooky Halloween Ping Pong

Cup Ping Pong is a party must-have! So why not make it a little more spooky with help from Goodtimes?! All you need to make this fun and scary game is some Goodtimes black and orange Halloween cups, some construction paper, glue, and a few googly eyes!


Black Cups

Take your black Goodtimes cups and transform them into scary bats! All you need to do is cut some wings out of construction paper and glue them on the back of the cup. Then you can add eyes, a nose, and of course, some terrifying fangs! Want to make your bat cups even scarier? Add some fake blood to the fangs!


Orange Cups

It’s time to transform your orange Goodtimes cups into little Goodtimes pumpkins! All you need is some Goodtimes orange cups and some green and black construction paper. Grab your construction paper and cut out some triangles for eyes, and some leaves, and a stem. Then you can glue the pieces onto the cup to create a spooky pumpkin! Add some red paint for a bloody good time!


You can mix and match the cups, or even use the colours to show which team is which! So which team are you on, team pumpkin or team bat? If you’re not interested in spookifying your cups, Goodtimes plain orange and black cups will still add an extra wow to your Halloween party! 


Visit us online today to browse our selection. Happy Halloween!


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