Fun with Goodtimes 3oz Bathroom Cups


Crafts are a great way to have fun and get creative with your kids. If you’re looking for fun and easy crafts to do, Goodtimes has some ideas for you! All you need is some crafting supplies and Goodtimes 3oz Bathroom Cups to get the creative juices flowing!


It may not be winter yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to build a snowman! Grab two Goodtimes 3oz Bathroom Cups, some paint, glue, and construction paper to get this craft started. Take two Goodtimes cups and glue their open sides together. Then, cut some buttons, eyes, and a carrot nose out of construction paper. Paint your snowman any colour you’d like, glue on his buttons, nose, and eyes, and tada – you’ve got your very own winter creature!

Hot Air Balloon

Looking for a craft that will have your child’s imagination soaring? Just grab a balloon, string, and a Goodtimes 3oz Bathroom Cup! Attach two pieces of string to the bottom of a helium filled balloon. Then, attach the string to either side of the Goodtimes Bathroom Cup. Your child can then decorate the cup and even build a character to put inside of their new hot air balloon! Once you’re done you watch the balloon soar around your house for hours of entertainment.

Bunny Rabbits

Who doesn’t love a cute bunny rabbit? Create cute and fuzzy bunnies with your kids and Goodtimes! Just grab some pipe cleaners, sparkles, and Goodtimes 3oz Bathroom Cups and hop to it. Decorate a Goodtimes cup, and then insert folded pipe cleaners into the top for ears, and straight pipe cleaners in the bottom for legs. Then add eyes, a cute pink nose, and sparkles to complete the rabbit!

If you’re interested in making any of the above crafts with your kids, just grab a pack of Goodtimes 3oz Bathroom Cups and get started! We offer many different designs that you can view on our website. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Goodtimes family, visit our website today!


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