Etch-It Cup Games


Are you hosting a party in the New Year? Forget about name tags to help get your guests talking and mingling. Impress your guests and get the party started with some fun and easy games that are sure to break the ice! All you need to play are some Goodtimes Etch-It cups and a group of friends!

Name That Movie

This game is simple, fun, and a great way to learn more about your guests. Ask everyone to write the name of a movie character on their Etch-It Cup and let the fun commence. This game will get people laughing, chatting about movies, and also show a lot about the type of film your guests enjoy – just remember, no Googling allowed!

Where Do I Work?

Getting to know people can be a fun process, but it can also involve a mundane set of questions about what they do for work and for pleasure. Skip the boring part and jump right in with a game of Where Do I Work? Tell all your party guests to write one or two keywords on their cup about their career and let the guessing begin!


Not everyone is as gifted at drawing as Picaso – but that’s the fun part! Tell all of your guests to sketch a picture on their cups the best that they can. The goal of the game is to guess what the person drew! This game is all about the laughs, so even if you’re not a gifted drawer, that may work out to your advantage!

Like or Dislike

Want to get to know more about your guests? Give everyone a Goodtimes Etch-It Cup and ask them to write one word on it. As the party continues, guests will read each other’s cups and have to guess whether the person likes or dislikes what they wrote down. The more creative your guests are the better and funnier the game gets, but regardless it’s a great way to spark a conversation.

Not only are these games fun and a great way for your guests to interact, they also involve personalized cups which means no more lost cups! As long as your guests remember what they’ve sketched, their cup can stay with them for the whole night! If you’re hosting a party, make sure to stock up on Goodtimes Etch-It cups! Just peel, etch, and let the Goodtimes begin!

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