5 Tips to Hosting Your Own Anti Valentine’s Day Party with Goodtimes


Attention folks! Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means it’s time for the single people to host an Anti-Valentine’s Day party of their own. If you are considering throwing an Anti-Valentine’s Day for you and your single friends, keep reading for 5 tips on how to throw the best party with Goodtimes!


  1. Create your very own conversation heart inspired wall decoration.
    While all the taken people are enjoying their conversation hearts, use them as inspiration for the Anti-Valentine’s Day party décor. You will need a pack of Goodtimes 6” foam plates, a black marker, paint, and scissors. Draw a heart on the foam plate and cut around the shape. Paint the hearts any colour you like, although we recommend sticking to pinks, reds, and blacks to support the Anti-Valentine’s Day theme. Once the paint is dry, write funny sentences such as “Love Stinks” or “Single Forever” and stick them on the wall.
  2. Serve Valentine’s Day inspired cocktails.
    The best way to celebrate your single nature is with a fun cocktail. The Lover Cocktail is delicious and easy to make! Serve your creation in the Goodtimes 16oz party cups, because what party is complete without the classic red cup?
  3. Make a banner with napkins.
    Grab a pack of Goodtimes dinner napkins and some spray paint. Once you are done painting the napkins, leave them to dry. Attach them to some string and voila, you have a DIY Anti-Valentine’s Day banner for your party!
  4. Bake and serve Anti-Valentine’s Day cupcakes.
    Satisfy your guests’ sugar cravings with some themed cupcakes. To add a classier look to your party, serve the cupcakes on a Goodtimes crystalware round serving tray. Your party will definitely be the talk of the town!
  5. Create Anti-Valentine’s Day stop signs at the party.
    If you are throwing a party, a great way to entertain the guests is with a DIY project. Paint the Goodtimes 10” printed plates red and leave for it to dry. Then cut it into the shape of a stop sign and attach the Goodtimes stir sticks to the back. Complete the project by writing “No Couples Allowed” on the front. There you have it, a fun party activity and a cool new decoration too!


Be sure to follow these tips to throw the best Anti-Valentine’s Day party this year. Check out the Goodtimes collection here.

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