5 Goodtimes Bathroom Crafts


Goodtimes Bathroom Cups

Goodtimes 3 oz Bathroom Paper Cups are a great addition to any home. Although their intended purpose may be for the bathroom, there are several different ways to use these little cups for crafts!



Grab a Goodtimes bathroom paper cup and paint it with red and white stripes! Then, flip it over, tape a battery operated tealight to the top and put a clear cup on top. Tada! You’ve got your very own Goodtimes lighthouse!


Want to create a penguin with your kids? All you need is a Goodtimes bathroom cup, black and white paint, 2 googly eyes, and some yellow construction tape! Paint the bathroom paper cup black and then paint a white circle on one side. Cut out some yellow construction paper in the shape of a triangle for the nose and 2 circles for the feet! Then, glue the construction paper pieces and the googly eyes on and you’ve got a cute little penguin!


Do your kids love the Frozen movie? Us too! With 2 Goodtimes Bathroom Cups you can create your own little Olaf! Grab two Goodtimes bathroom cups, put a battery operated tealight inside, and glue the open ends together. Then, draw Olaf’s face on the front with a permanent marker, stick a orange construction paper triangle on to the cup for a nose, and googly eyes to finish!


All you need to make an adorable sheep with your kids is a popsicle stick, cotton balls, black construction paper, and a Goodtimes Bathroom Cup! Take your cup and glue on some cotton balls for the wool. Then, attach pieces of the popsicle stick as legs, and cut out eyes and ears for the little sheep out of construction paper. We guarantee your little ones will love this little sheep real bah-d!

Hot Air Balloon

Up, up, and away! Grab a balloon, some string, paint, and a 3 oz Bathroom Cup to create this beautiful hot air balloon. First, paint the cup and then poke 3 holes near the rim of the cup. Put the string into the holes and attach the 3 ends to a balloon. Plus, if you fill the balloon with helium, you can watch it fly around the house!


Craft time is always fun, but it’s even more fun with #Goodtimes! Grab a set of Goodtimes Bathroom Cups and get crafty today. Visit our website to browse our selection of 3 oz Bathroom Cups today!



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